IWOMP 2015

11th International Workshop on OpenMP

Workshop: 01.- 02.10.2015, Tutorial: 30.09.2015, in Aachen, Germany

The slides of the talks are now available in the news box 

For many years, OpenMP has provided a very rich and flexible programming model for shared memory architectures. OpenMP 4.0 was a major advance that added two new forms of parallelism: device constructs to support heterogeneous systems like GPUs, FPGAs, DSPs, and also SIMD constructs to support vector units. It also includes several significant extensions for the worksharing and task-based forms of parallelism.

The International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP) is an annual workshop dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all aspects of parallel programming with OpenMP. It is the premier forum to present and discuss issues, trends, recent research ideas, and results related to parallel programming with OpenMP. We solicit submissions of unpublished technical papers detailing innovative, original research and development related to OpenMP.

IWOMP 2015 was a two and a half-day event. The first day, September 30th, will consist of tutorials particularly suitable for those interested in learning of recent developments in the evolving OpenMP standard. The second and third days, October 1st and 2nd, will consist of invited talks and technical papers and panel sessions during which research ideas and results will be presented and discussed.

Right before IWOMP and related to OpenMP, the 1rst OpenMPCon took place in Aachen SuperC as well.

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: May 25th, 2015   (final extension)

Notification of acceptance: June 18th, 2015    (July 8th, 2015)

Deadline for final version: July 20th, 2015        (July 13th, 2015)











OpenMPCON September 26-28, 2016 in Nara, Japan

IWOMP September 28-30,  2016 in Nara, Japan

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Materials - talks IWOMP 2015:
  • Marc Casas >>>
  • Bronis R. de Supinski  >>>
  • Xin Fan >>>
  • Alistair Hart >>>
  • Markus Joppich >>>
  • Vivek Kale >>>
  • Chunhua 'Leo' Liao >>>
  • Abid M. Malik >>>
  • S. Mateo >>>
  • Joachim Protze >>>
  • Peter Thoman >>>
  • Michael Wong >>>